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Gurdonark In appealing male/female harmonies, this duo sings evocatively of vignettes not fully defined, over melodies quite fully-formed. This is music from the golden canyon between dream pop and power pop. The listener would sing along, if he or she could find the third note to form each chord. Tactics is energetic alternative pop that is not at all tame or twee. Favorite track: Widow's Box.
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released March 24, 2016

All songs by Kane&Kane Ⓟ&© 2016 Sonorous Conglomerous Recordings www.fauxknow.com

Recorded 2014/15 by FAUXKNOW @ The Attic in The Annex, Toronto, Canada. Mixed & mastered by Darryl Neudorf at Operation Northwoods, Mono, Canada. Additional mixing by Steven Da Silva (10&12), and FAUXKNOW (8, 9, 11). Photography by Paul Myers.

Thanks: Guy Glover, Meher Steinberg, Tracy Pillsworth, Russ and Rennie Copeland, Capsule Music, and the staff of Roommate Carlos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



all rights reserved


FAUXKNOW Toronto, Ontario

Faux Know are a duo from Toronto, Canada.

Influenced in equal parts by the Everly Brothers and My Bloody Valentine, the pair uses tightly knit boy-girl harmonies underpinned by elements of shoegaze and dreampop.

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Track Name: Carterista
You think you’re gonna gonna pull my rabbit
You think you’re gonna picka pick a card
Whether it comes out of need or habit
I hate to hate to see you try so hard

You’re lookin’ for someone like me who
isn’t watchin’ for someone like you
You’re lookin’ for someone like me but
I’ve been watching for someone like you.

You think I’m gonna gonna watch them tango
while I never ever feel your hand
When I look at you, ya know that I know
that these things are going “not as planned”

I’ve been watching for someone like you.
Track Name: Widow's Box
Sneaking through a secret door
Gotta keep discreet for sure
Two years -­‐ I gotta wait
listen through the metal grate
Peeking out between their legs
Cannot let them see my face
You know how they’re bound to talk
Put me-­‐ in the widow’s box

Oooh ooooooooooh ooooooh

Wearing black from head to toe
Wouldn’t wanna steal the show
Two years that I gotta wait
and listen through the metal grate
(You know) if I was the first to go
I bet they’d sit him right in the front row
‘Cause you know how they’re bound to talk
(so) Put me in -­‐ the Widow’s Box.
Track Name: Control
Take it to a higher hire
when the places on the lower fill in
You can move a mass of flights to meet her but
lose your lot in line again (and again)
Out there, out where the thoughts aren’t like
your own
Beware of what you know was overblown

You can make a big production (in the street)
or you can
You can try a coo to get in—-­‐ but you
Can’t go hiding in the air shaft cuz the rattle
Rattle gonna do you in (in the air)
Up there, up where the sounds are not your
Aware they’re everywhere while you’re alone

Away from all the things that were your own
Away from all the things that you were owed
Away from all the things you can’t control
(Take it to a higher hire / lose your lot in line
again / You can make a big production (in the
street) but the rattle rattle gonna do you in
(in the air…)
Track Name: Two Boys
She ceased to sing
she touched her head

She left the stage
they ceased to play

She left behind
a husband and two boys
Track Name: Ambassadors
I’m gonna find
a little time
The place? I barely care
We’ll figure out the where
Once – we are there

Somewhere-­‐-­‐ no one knows us
Don’t think they’re really gonna care
Dunno how to say it
So just smile while you pay it
Seeing what we’ve never
Bein’ where we’ve never been
Better get things together
Best guess: what will the weather be?

Let’s be—diplomatic
While en—thusiastically
We play— casa in a
Castle, looking down upon a
See the – looks we’re getting
Don’t care— there’s no fitting in
Outside and keeping quiet
We are a tiny embassy

ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh
Track Name: In On It
Watch out for the counterfeits
Everyone is in on it

Yes I’ll follow you
off the street and taken to
Ooh, a little room
look at you you’re bulletproof

Watch out for the counterfeits
Every one is il-legit

Now avoid the eyes
make a deal and say goodbye
back into the sun
looking for another one
(Everyone is in on it Everyone is in on it)
Track Name: Desaparecidos
No—body home
The two of us were talking
the other day—now they’re
gone—who can say
It’s easier pretending they never were anyway

Can’t even recall what was said
with someone not living or dead

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh—over me
I thought I heard a plane on its way
out to sea—Looking down
knowing, now, that they are about to be
never found

Something’s washed up on the shore
Not so disappeared anymore

They left behind
So many houses
They say thirty-­‐thousand

No—body home
The lights are all off and the drapes—are all
drawn—Soon as they
decide you’re gonna disappear you’re
Track Name: Pari Passu
An offer 93 percent had signed
She wants to honour you but
both her hands have been tied
Form a circle, come to pick the bones
A robe can order it but
She can never be owned.
Pari Passu
Pari Passu

By number seven it was no surprise
The rules were set and yet you still adhere to
your lies
(so) go and tell them it’ll all be fine
The hedge you hide behind, I swear
it’s gonna be mine
mine mine
Track Name: We Can Pretend
(th’) cars are fast
The nights are long and
we don’t understand
The words they say
but that’s okay ‘cause
we’ve got nothing planned

It’s not a secret
but no one knows it
We hope to keep it ‘til we have to tell and
show it
‘Til then we can pretend

(th’) sun is down
with so many drinks so
let’s go for a ride
We’re unafraid
to take on the city lights
for one final night
Track Name: Passing Through
The middle doors
are higher for
the platforms they will meet
While those— at the ends
downward seem to bend
for people on the street

To climb aboard
make way toward
a scarlet leather seat
and then — sitting down
we tunnel under town
an engineering feat

One hundred years and those that you would
hear but never ever meet
Track Name: Starlings
Track Name: Bring Me Down
(It) wasn’t always this way
Sometimes we couldn’t be reached for days
Gone are the times full up with busy ‘til the eyes
shutter up and block out the city
Tune out the noise and turn up the signal
Louder the better
(with) Nothin’ to bring me down

Tell you what I have found
You lose the time it takes to come down
Butt of the day, huggin the road until the
door opens up and arms mean I’m home
Tune out the noise and turn up the signal
Louder than ever
(‘cause) Nothing can bring me down.

(It) wasn’t always this way
the calls and comments were kept at bay
Back are the times full up with busy til the eyes
shutter up and block out the city
Tune out the noise and turn up the signal
Louder forever
(‘cause) Nothing can bring me down
Nothing can bring me down
Track Name: Check Out
Say— we don’t get home
we’ll need a place— of our
of our own
Then— I know somehow
we’ll find a way
a way— to get by

To get by
ba bahh ba bahh
ba bahh ba bahh
ah ahhhh— to get by